The first year

It’s so bitter sweet.. just a few more days and my baby will be… ONE. What?

This first year has been crazy in so many ways. Avery has changed so much in so many ways and I wouldn’t change a thing. I love this crazy little girl more than I ever thought I would.
And with that mushy stuff out of the way I must say i never realized how much personality could be packed into such a little body. Holy cow! She is so smart, and goofy, and imaginative, stubborn, daring and so much more! The way she learns and picks things up is beyond me. She’s like a sponge! 
At a year old: 
– she is walking running
– says dada & baba clearly. And tries to say tons of things (like dog, duck, whats that, this, and basically anything you tell her to try and say!)
– gives kisses and hugs
– dances (clapping and spinning in a cirlcle)
– puts her arms out and shrugs to say “i dunno”
– waves hello and bye-bye
It’s really hard to believe that the little baby I held almost 12 months ago is going to be a whole year old in just a few days, but I guess it’s true, time flies when you’re having fun 😉 

XOXO Emily

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