First Birthday!

Avery had an amazing first birthday.
We had a great party with tons of friends & family. I still can’t get over the fact that she is one. How is that even possible?
But with that said I’ll leave you with some {lots} of pictures!

I had fun recreating a “wonderland” all the color-randomness was so fun, and perfect!

adorable sign in table where all our guests wrote little notes to the birthday girl! 

Dessert table with tons of goodies! 
I’m laughing at myself now at how UN even the streamers on the wall were.. oops!

all the tables, Averys party ready high chair, oh and the Cinderella jump house {totally fits}.

The kids table was my favorite. So cute & colorful. Complete with silly straws. Duh.
And the wonderland door! 
Her outfit was my absolute favorite part. It was so fun! It didn’t last long, after the cake it was pretty much done for. But it was cute while it lasted! 

It’s her party, and she can cry over a 2-liter bottle of Pepsi if she wants to. So my child. 
Girl went to town on her teapot cake my mom made her. Safe to say, she loved it! 

Piñata time! 

Okay I lied, THIS may have been my favorite part. I made Averys Grandpa {my dad} and her Grunkle {great-uncle} twiddle-dee & twiddle-dum outfits. It was perfection. And anyone who knows my dad and uncle know how perfect this was for them! LOL 
Okay who can say spoiled?! Sitting in her new chair from her grandma, surrounded by presents, not a darn care in the world. It’s rough being one! 

Confession: I fail at taking pictures. In fact 90% of the pictures I DO have were taken by my dad. And of course I forgot to take a family picture until the very end, when she was out of her party outfit and half asleep. But oh well.
Not the greatest picture, but here’s the first picture we took with the three of us. Seems so long ago. And look at that little bundle.. EEK! 
XOXO Emily

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