Weekend Recap

Saturday we went to the corn maze with some family. We got lost in the corn {for an hour and a half}, played on some pumpkins, and Avery attempted to ride a pony.. she was not a big fan. After all that we were all pretty wore out. Including Avery, she knocked out as soon as the car went into drive. After the corn maze the 17 of us went to crash a Mexican Restaurant. Literally crash. It was a small little place with one waitress and two cooks, the waitress was totally freaked. Yay for not calling ahead of time.. oops! Poor Avie couldn’t figure out why we were walking through corn forever or why she was playing with huge pumpkins, or why we were obnoxiously saying “YAY” to get her to try to love riding the pony. But she had a ton of fun, I love taking her to do new things and watch her little sponge like brain soak it all in! 

look at alllll that corn. YIKES. No wonder why we were lost for so long! 

My little sister who is very often mistakened as the OLDER sister. People usually think I am 12. lol 

And Sunday started with some Krispy Kreme donuts, one word, yum! They were gone before I could even think about snapping a picture of the fun halloween frosted donuts, and the rest of the day consisted of lots of laziness and lounging around in jammies. And some homework and laundry for me during nap times!
Hope everyone else had an awesome weekend and has an awesome week! 

XOXO Emily

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