Weekend Recap

Well it’s Monday, again. Had another really good weekend, prepare for another picture overload!
Friday we spent some time playing outside and enjoying the weather finally cooling down. Then went to Garretts moms house and Avery got to carve a pumpkin with her cousins. She really was not amused. She tried eating the pumping goo a few times, watched her dad carve her pumpkin then moved on to go play. Figures.

Saturday we went to a friends first birthday party, who we joke and say will be Avery’s future boyfriend, it’ll happen 😉 then moved on to a little pumpkin patch thats near our house. Seriously the cutest little pumpkin patch, there wasn’t very many people but there were tons of pumpkins, flowers, and cute garden chairs and games for kids! The pumpkin patch we were at last weekend is a huge attraction in our area with tons of people, the little quaint places are totally more my style!

And finally Sunday we had pumping painting and carving with my parents, then I went shopping with my mom and sister, and finally spent the end of the day relaxing and enjoying the cool windy weather!

There, picture overload over.
Hope everyone has a great halloween week!
XOXO Emily

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