Our Halloween

Happy Friday, everyone! I’m sad to see October come to an end but excited for all the things to come this holiday season and I couldn’t think of a better way to end our October.
This wasn’t Avery’s technical “first” halloween. Last halloween she was just a couple weeks old: she didn’t have a costume and we didn’t go out  so I’m counting this as her first 😉 
We started the morning with some orange-ish chocolate chip pancakes. I say “ish” because I had no orange food coloring so I mixed yellow and red and it just wasn’t getting as orange as I wanted but never the less it was some what of an orange.
Then for the trick-or-treating. Avery has already been obsessed with carrying her pumpkin bucket around the house all week, she loves purses and bags and she probably just figured it was a special fun bag. Once we got trick-or-treating though, as soon as she realized people were putting stuff into her bucket. She loved it! She was hooked. We went to a trunk or treat near our house and she was pulling me toward each of the cars and wanted to see everyone. Then we had a major melt down when we put her back into the car to go trick-or-treating around our neighbor hood.
It took her a little longer to grasp the idea of going up to the houses, she eventually caught on. And again was hooked. We went around to a few houses until her bucket was to heavy to carry and put her in the wagon and walked back home, all while she held onto her bucket for dear life! 
I love experiencing these “firsts” and yes it wasn’t her first halloween but it was the first she got to experience all of halloween and to see her actually understand the concept and watch how excited she was is always my favorite part of those “firsts”.
Okay, picture time 😉 
Avery went as a little indian. I got the idea because we were going to do “family costumes” and be peter pan people, and she was going to be tiger lilly. That idea completely fell through but we stuck to the indian for Avery.

we spent a couple weeks teaching her indian noises. Safe to say, she has it down perfect! 

Walking around proudly with her bucket out ready for any donations! 

Clearly she couldn’t stop digging through her candy long enough for a picture 
And this would be our exhausted little babe ready to dig through her candy, after Garrett and I took our candy tax, of course 🙂 
And for old time sake heres my little pumpkin last halloween, aww :’)
Hope everyone also had a great halloween, and here’s to a happy November!

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