anniversary & baby update

So things have been a little busy this last week!
I’m nearing the end of my Fall semester, and for anyone who is/was a college student you probably know how hectic end of semesters can be.. yikes! I also started a new job last week at a beautiful retirement community serving in their dining room. I’m loving it so far, I feel like I just got a bunch of new grandparents.. and who doesn’t love grand parents? 😉

But heres a little update on what else has been going on..

Garrett and I had our 2 year anniversary yesterday. Two years ago we went on our first date. Dinner and a movie. Classic. And now here we are. I seriously love this guy so much and can not wait to see what future years bring to us. And definitely couldn’t think of a better person to start a family and “grown up” life with. Unfortunately we have opposite work schedules. So right as he got home from work I was walking out the door to go to work myself. But when I got home really late from work he treated me to Taco bell. Seriously, if you knew me and my love for Taco bell then you’d know I was totally happy about this. That and we already went our for a “anniversary dinner” last weekend. But a quiet taco bell dinner just the two of us reflecting over the last two years was just as good to me! And that’s why I love this guy. Doesn’t matter what we do. Somehow every thing we do together has a way of being special. (Enter sappy love song, here.)

2 years down.. forever to go! 

And now onto the star of the show! Avery is now 13 months old. oh my goodness. Total cliche but I seriously can’t wrap my mind around it. She’s getting so big with the way she does everything. Plays, communicates, walks runs. I love watching her little mind grow. She got a new highchair this week.. her “big girl chair”. I was ridiculously excited about this. No idea why. But I couldn’t wait to get the other big ol high chair out of the kitchen, and for her to be able to sit right at the table with us. And thankfully I have a baby that’s just as easily amused as her mommy, she loved it! She couldn’t stop giggling and smiling through her whole snack when we first put her in it!

She just started doing that goofy smile randomly the other day, and does it all the time. it’s pretty hilarious. 
Right now her absolute favorite toy is her “first builder” mega blocks.. ya know, the giant legos? She’s obsessed. She struggles to carry me the bag full of blocks every single day and gets super excited every time I open the bag for her. The funniest part is she ONLY likes the single legos, just the one little piece. She digs through the bag and throws down or gives the other pieces to someone else while she digs for the ones she wants. No idea why she just wants those ones.. but the girl knows what she wants.
And her favorite game right now.. smelling feet. Yes. Feet. You know when you “smell” a little babies feet and say pee-ewe and push the foot away? Well yeah we’ve done that to her since, forever. So I do not know why it surprised me one day when she got down on her hands and knees and put her face next to my feet, scrunched up her face and said “phew!” It’s the funniest thing ever. And when she’s smelled everyone else’s feet, she bends down and smells her own of course. 
Hope everyone is having a great week!
Only two more weeks until Thanksgiving! Everyone ready? 🙂 

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