she’s a wild one

Okay, so I’ll start off by saying as a child my parents made a lot of Dr/hospital visits with me. Random injuries, broken arms, concussions and not even to mention the cleft lip and palate surgeries (that one, totally out of my control). But never the less I am a big believer in karma. But for the ones that were more in my control; when I was 5 and I broke my arm, or when I was maybe 8 my uncle had to calmly tell my mom I hit my head and will probably need stitches. Or the other time I broke my arm, or as my parents watched on the side lines as I was knocked out cold at a soccer game from a hard hit to the head.. (just to list a few) Karma was bound to pay me back for all the heart attacks, right?
Then along came Avery. Well played karma. 
I’m sure karma played a little part in Avery and is just sitting back laughing at all my mini heart attacks. And let me just point out I’m not gasping at every little fall or running to grab her at every little bump of the head. My mom definitely had the “are you bleeding, are you broken, do you need to go to the hospital? Then you’re fine” method with me. By the way. Joke was on her because usually one of those did happen to apply. 
Of course Avery gets babied to some extent, I mean she is a baby. I would just like to add, this girl is tough. Usually when she falls or anything the crying is usually just out of frustration that she fell and didn’t accomplish whatever it was she was trying to do. But on the rare occasion she has real tears and legitimately got hurt of course I can’t help but to swoop her up and coddle her. Mostly because I know I won’t be able to forever.
There I go getting side tracked. Okay back to the purpose of this post. Karma and my wild child. Okay, this girl has no fear. I mean like none. Her recent favorite game that give me a heart attack every time is to try to hug our puppy (Saydee). Seems cute and harmless right? Wrong. So Saydee is basically our tornado-puppy. Like she has a lot of energy. Avery loves to play with her. Which is great. She throws her ball to her and chases her around. It’s great. But the hugging, not so much. Turns out Saydee doesn’t love hugs as much as Avery does. So when Avery wraps her arms around Saydee as tight and hard as she can… Saydee usually responds by taking off running or trying to shake Avery off. So Avery goes flying and flopping off and what does she do? Get up and run right back to give her another hug. Oh boy. Luckily we have two of the most patient dogs when it comes to this one. 
And earlier this week Avery was standing on her chair. Which she knows is a no-no. As soon as I started walking toward her she JUMPED off her chair, and belly flopped right onto the hard floor. Didn’t cry or even whine. She continued to get up and run away from me and try climbing onto the fire place.
And if she isn’t climbing on or jumping off something, she starts getting in too big of a hurry and starts running all over the place which usually ends in a fall also.
luckily we’ve yet to have a real big “boo-boo”. A few cuts and bruises and bumps, maybe a little blood. But nothing big. And I’d love to keep it that way. Got that Avery? 
And of course what’s a post with out a picture of the wild child in mention 😉 

Does any one else have a no fear wild child? Or was anyone else “accident prone” as a child? 
Oh & happy hump day !! 

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