Monday, we meet again!

Happy Monday! Hope everyone had a nice relaxing weekend before the crazy Thanksgiving week ahead. Then after Thanksgiving all the hectic-ness of preparing for Christmas… eek! 
I did a little Christmas shopping on Saturday. No where near done, but proud to say I’ve at least started. And in my head I have some what of a list of ideas for what I want to get certain people. Avery I definitely know everything she is getting, one of these days I’ll have to post and “Avery wish list”.
Sunday was basically a relaxing sort of day watching movies and playing outside before I went to work. But on a totally random note, remember my last post.. I said Avery is my wild child. Well here’s another great example. Sunday we were going out to the car, and our front porch has 2 steps to go down and as Garrett went to take Averys hand to help her down she decided “nope, I’ll do it myself today” and jumped off the steps. Jumped. Slid face first onto the concrete. Yep. Instant heart attack. But man she took it like a champ! She cried, but was really just a little cry. By the time we went back inside into the kitchen she was over it. Then she was just getting irritated at us trying to clean it. After that she didn’t seem to be bothered at all but she’s got some nice little battle wounds. 
This was just a few hours later. Scratched up her nose and cheek, and a little bump on her head. 
I’m hoping some of the marks will be gone by Turkey day! 
Here’s to a busy/short holiday week! 

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