Thanksgiving 2013

Another great thanksgiving has come and gone, just like that! 
earlier in the week Avery made hand turkeys, gooble-gobble 😉 I traced her little hand and we used a wine cork like a stamp and she stamped away on all her little turkeys to give to all her family members.

This Thanksgiving we went to my aunts house where there were about 50 other family members (I have quite a large family). So of course with that many people there’s tons of fun.. and food! And luckily Garrett’s Mom, Dad and his sister and her family were able to make it over to my aunts house as well so we didn’t have to go around to multiple thanksgivings which made me happy. 

I’m really bad at remembering to take pictures. So right after getting there I had to drag get Garrett away from the football game long enough to take a picture before Avery’s outfit before it was ruined and before I felt like to much of a mess.
I can get this guy to take glasses off for the picture but that dang hat never comes off!
I was soaking up all the cuteness of Avies gray & gold tunic. 
I have a bit of a gold obsession lately

And of course this little babe chowed down her huge meal. She has a little bit of every single thing and by the time it was done, she was so full she couldn’t even move. 
My uncle got her the “Are these people really my relatives?” bib and he was pretty proud. And it pretty much explains my family, and their sense of humor. Everyone thought it was awesome. 
I hope everyone had an awesome & filling thanksgiving.
Oh and now that Thanksgiving has past it’s safe to pull out the Christmas decorations and cute babe outfits without any naysayers 😉 Tis the season, folks! 

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