it’s beginning to look alot like christmas!

HELLO December! 
I know I’m not the only one who’s been holding in Christmas excitement because everyone else said I need to wait for Thanksgiving and at least wait for December, right? Yeah well it’s time to all the nay-sayers to get in the spirit 😉 
This Christmas is going to be awesome. I just know it. Last Christmas Avery was only a couple months old so she had no idea what was going on. This year her little mind is soaking it all in.
I’m no where near ready for Christmas when it comes to presents. I’ve bought a few things but other then that I just have a really big “to buy” list forming in my head and I kind of cringe thinking about how much I still have left to accomplish. But all the other Christmas fun I’m ready for ya!
This weekend we brought home our newest family member. Lulu, the elf. I’m really excited for this. I spent the last day of November helping Avery recognize Lulu by her name. It’s awesome. We also decorated the Christmas tree. Which mostly consisted of telling Avery that ornaments are not balls that we throw around. Never the less she was seriously loving it. I’m currently on the hunt for a mini Christmas tree to stick in her room! I can not wait to finish up all the decorating and can’t wait to get started with all the baking and crafty fun I have planned!

“Avery where’s Lulu?” insert Averys shocked face here. She was so confused but she thought it was hilarious to wake up to this goofy elf sitting with her blocks. 
gimme that carrot nose, Mr, frosty! 
Who else is excited to play “Elf on the shelf” with their little ones this year? Any good ideas? 😉
How is everyone else’s decorations coming along? & PLEASE tell me I’m not the only one freaking out over how much shopping I still need to get done! 
Happy December 1st!  

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