Recent Shenanigans

We’ve been busy busy over here lately! 
I have finals this week and next.. no explanation needed there. UGH.
Plus work schedules and all the hectic fun christmas shopping and activities!
But here’s a little recap of what we’ve been up to.
I’ve finally put a dent in my Christmas shopping list! Wrapping presents on the other hand.. yeah haven’t even started. I have time. We have an old school santa stocking for Avery this year. Last year she used a babys first christmas one so we are using an old one we had stored then after the holidays we’ll get some cuter ones when all the decorations go on clearance (seriously my favorite time to shop!) Stockings were always my favorite. No idea why but they’re always fun so I Santa needs some ideas for Avery this year.. suggestions? 🙂
Over the weekend we went to a Christmas party at my dads works. Coloring, games and Santa. Avery, NOT a Santa fan. She would scream and hold on so tight any time we got near him. I totally would have been perfectly fine with a crying on his lap picture but she had a death grip onto us when we were near him and was crying so hard she wouldn’t breath.. Needless to say we didn’t get a picture of her on his lap.. sigh. But she played games and colored and got just close enough to santa to listen to his story telling with the other kids (as long as mom sat right behind her of course)
 My moms birthday was last week so we went to Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory to get her a caramel apple that she loves. And basically Avery was in heaven. She couldn’t stop dancing around and smiling and being as cute as can be.. so we brought home a chocolate bear 😉
If you follow my Instagram you already saw this gem pitiful picture.
Enjoying the chocolate bear-then mean ol mommy taking it away after devouring half.
Oh did I mention it’s definitely feeling like winter around here?! All you people who live in the snow are probably laughing at us Californians but BRR. 34 degrees in the morning means hot coco and staying under the blankets as long as possible! And lots of ice on the grass and cars. Avery loves wearing her gloves when we go bye-bye though. She thinks they’re hilarious 
My little bundle!
Oh and one last picture! 
Heres little Avie all tuckered out after a busy day of Christmas shopping & food court mall food 😉
I hope everyone out there is enjoying their December! 
Hows the shopping coming along? I know I’m not the only one who hasn’t started wrapping yet, right? 
& what’s on your little ones wish list this year?

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