The final countdown

Okay officially counting down days to Christmas and cringing at everything I still need to do!
I finally finished my Fall semester today so that’s one less thing for me to worry about. But when you are young broke parents you can only afford to buy a few presents every pay day, so at least I have a legit reason for my gift buying procrastination, and after this Fridays pay check I really need to buckle down and just finish my shopping. I don’t have much of a choice, can’t push it off any further! 
Oh and then i need to start wrapping presents and there’s still a few DIY presents I need to finish.
Not to mention all the fun stuff I still need want to do with Avery.
Okay mini heart attack over!
we decorated sugar cookies Sunday night. It was so fun. Avery thought it was so much fun cutting out the dough then she played with the cookie cutters on the floor for like 20 minutes.. officially returning all her christmas gifts and buying cookie cutters.. okay maybe not but seriously she was so entertained! Then when it came to decorating it was hilarious. It went a little something like this.. frost cookie, lick spatula, frost cookie, dump sprinkles, bite cookie, continue to frost, lick spatula. Over and over again. Her masterpiece cookies turned out great though and she had so much fun. 

She was SO not happy when decorating was over. And the rest of the night consisted of her coming off her sugar rush and consisted of a lot of throwing herself down, rolling and crying. Can not wait to use the “santa is watching you” piece. 
Monday night we went around to look at Christmas lights. Avery makes me laugh cause you can totally tell she didn’t understand what we were doing or why but she loved it. There’s one really long street near our house thats full of lights so we went walking down that whole street, Avery was walking with the biggest smile on her face and would stop and point all over the place. She had no idea where to look! 
The rest of the time has just been spent in cozy/warm Christmas clothes and soaking up all the holiday spirit! Which just sort of helps remind me that even though there’s so much to do and so little time sometimes you just have to slow down and enjoy everything you have to be thankful for
And I’m extremely thankful for these awesome two.
(And I’m thankful for my crazy good persuasive nagging skills that got Garrett to shave his “mountain man” beard.. muahaha 😉 It’s a constant battle around here.)
& last but not least I’ll leave you with this perfect little perfect of Santa’s little helper, who happened to get photo bombed by her giant reindeer dog 😉 
Maybe I’ll go wrap presents now.
Or maybe I’ll drink hot coco and watch Lifetime movies 😉
Hope everyone is enjoying their December so far and the last final days until Christmas! 

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