Another great holiday for the books

Oh my, the craziness is over. Sorta crazy to think another christmas has came and gone and we are going into 2014 soon.
Christmas eve began with some last minute baking/cooking, then trying to prepare Averys room for all the new toys we knew she was going to get. Then we went over to Garretts sisters house to eat and exchange gifts. Then over to my moms to eat again and more gifts! My favorite part was our Christmas eve fail, I reminded Garrett that Santa needed to charge Avery’s motorized car he was giving her so she could play with it the next morning. Unfortunately Santa put it somewhere that Avery would see it, and when I found her sitting on the car laughing away taking her off of it was not easy and followed with a major melt down. Good job, Santa. 

My daddy-o

Christmas day we woke up at 7:30 to open presents and I actually had to go wake up Avery. Can’t even remember the last time that happened. And she really did not even want to get up, but I had to go to work so we wanted to get presents done first. And have I mentioned my child is addicted to gold fish.. addicted. When she ran out to see all her presents she went straight to the carton of goldfish and cried until we opened them for her. Then sat and ate them instead of opening her presents. But we hid she finished the gold fish she was all about her present. Each present that we unwrapped she wanted to play with it right that instant. I went to work for a little while then back to spend some more time with family. We ate lots more food, and watch old Christmas home movies. It was so fun, we all were sitting around the TV reminiscing and laughing at my cousins and I when we were little toddlers and it was nice seeing relatives that are no longer with us. Christmas is such an awesome time to spend with family and I’m so thankful to have such an awesome family!

Nothing is more exciting than her own grocery cart, clearly
Her new ride! 

And what kind of party would it be without a toddler melt down?

My momma & I.. and Avery 

My Great Grandma, Averys Great Great. So absolutely lucky to have this woman.

I sorta love this guy

Love my sweet pea

My not so little sister

The day after Christmas was always awesome as a kid and I’m pretty sure Avery thought it was awesome as well. We opened ALL her new toys and spent all day eating left overs and enjoying every single new toy. Daddy also had fun putting together the toys that had “some assembly required” 😉

La-la-loooving Avery’s new toy box. It’s totally perfect 

I hope everyone else had a great Christmas! Anyone else have a blog post about their Christmas? I’d love to read it 🙂
Here is to the last week of 2013!

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