Eating right

With the new year coming I’ve been inspired by the opportunity for change. And one thing I’ve really been wanting/needing to change is my eating & exercise habits. I am and never have been the healthiest eater. Luckily for me, I have a fast metabolism so my eating choices have never affected my weight. But I am ready to feel healthy. And in order to be healthy I need to make some changes.
I’ve found myself getting lazier when it comes to feeding myself since I’ve became a mom. And I can feel the affect it’s leaving on my body.
Luckily for me I do enjoy the healthy food. I’m a vegetarian, and I’m all for healthy, clean, organic eating. I’ve just gotten lazy with it. The problem for me is I go for what is easy. And unfortunately it’s easier to grab some chips or heat something up in the microwave rather then eating something fresh or taking the time to make something to eat.
Time to change that. 
So I started off by going to Trader Joe’s. They have something for every one. Anything you enjoy to eat.. they have. The best part, is they have the healthier version. So I stocked up one food that I can make meals out of, and also snacks! I’m a snacker, it was important for me to find quick, easy and healthy snacks! And also stocked up on stuff to make smoothies. I’m going to eventually put out a list of my Trader Joe’s favs to share with y’all.
I’m taking baby steps to make sure I think before I eat 😉
Time to become a healthier/better version of myself. And I’m proud of myself for the changes I have made in the last week and looking forward to more changes to come!

Anyone else out there working on getting healthier this year?
Do you have a favorite smoothie recipe?

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