15 months

My baby turned 15 months on Sunday. Okay maybe technically she’s a toddler. But I’m going to stick to calling her my baby. How in the world is she 15 months already? I know everyone says that about their babies and I know I say it every month, but I mean come on.. 15 months? THREE whole months into her second year?

Que tears.

Words: She can say “mama”, “dada”, “baba”, “dah” (dog), “ampa” (Grandpa), “ah-mama” (Grandma), “up”, “stop”, “ball” “bob” (she calls people bob, don’t know where that came from but it’s a word). Then on top of that she attempts a lot of different words, those are just the ones she has down on a daily basis. She’s pretty communicative. I like to say, I can basically have a full one way conversation with her. She understands nearly everything we say. If we tell her to throw something away, she throws it away. Or if we tell her to put something back where it goes she goes and does it and she loves that she feels like she’s helping.
Favorite food: Oh, my sweet girl. She’ll eat basically anything we put in front of her. We got very lucky in that department. But right now she is obsessed with bananas, apples, grilled zucchini, gold fish, and anything with Nutella. And the only food she sometimes turns her nose to is chicken, unless it’s in nugget form 😉
Favorite activities: Okay this is another one that’s hard to narrow down. She really gets excited to do just about everything. But her absolute favorites are playing outside, playing with her little people, listening & dancing to music, chasing the dogs around, read books, wrestling around, doing flips and of course getting into anything she can get her little hands on.
Favorite things: She loves, loves Barney. She has a Barney doll (that was mine), Barney pillow pet and little Barney toys. She’s still pretty entertained by all her christmas toys which included a lot of play food & a play kitchen which she loves. She walks around pretending to feed everyone, including the dogs and her toys. Lately she’s been a little obsessed with one specific blanket, which she’s had since day one. Sometimes it’s cute. Except for when she wakes up from nap freaking out because she doesn’t have it.
Behavior: Lately she’s been really testing boundaries. She has discovered tantrums and it’s really not fun. And her pathetic cry and pouty face she gives when she gets put on time out is heart breaking. BUT she is the sweetest and funniest little girl. She loves men. Like 99% of the time she prefers men over women. Strangers, or not. It’s kinda funny but I’m a little worried for those teenage years!
Typical Avery moves: Going up to the TV stereo and turning it up full blast. Bringing you a book and insisting you read it to her, and will not stop until you do. Giving the dogs (open mouth) kisses, we are trying really hard to teach her thats a no-no but she thinks its hilarious.. yes, eww. Throwing herself backward every time you pick her up because she wants you to flip her. Blowing/giving kisses & eskimo kisses.

Even though it makes me sad, I love her little toddler stage. I never want to forget every little moment and “new thing”. She amazes me every day with the things she knows, learns and does. And she basically always has me laughing. I love you more than words will ever describe little miss Avery Mae.

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