Our weekend & what’s ahead

Our weekend consisted of a few Target trips, family, friends and two birthday parties. Walking into target on Sunday (the third and last time for the weekend) Garrett says to Avery: “You know, I’m pretty sure you’ve spent 80% of your life in Target”… he is quite dramatic 😉

It was a beautiful weekend. It’s been more like spring around here, wouldn’t even know it’s the middle of January! We really need rain, like we’re this close to being in a legit drought.. but hey, gotta love the California weather. Might as well enjoy it. So needless to say we spent lots of time playing outside and bouncing in bounce houses.

que titanic music 😉
I enjoyed the “care free” weekend a little more since I’m starting up my spring semester this week.. Oh boy! Which basically means I’ll be busy-busy-busy. And really need to focus. I have a full load of classes, I’m working 6 nights a week and then all my momma duties. Phew. I’m a little nervous for the next few months but.. I can do this. Since Garrett is at work all day, and by the time he gets home I’m on my way to work Avery will get to spend one day a week at her great-grandma’s house, and one day with her Nana so I can go to school and have some me time at home to get school work and whatever else I need accomplished done. I’m sure Avery will really soak up all the one on one spoil time with her great-grandma and her Nana just happens to run an in home daycare so Avery loves being over there to play with all the other kids. I’ll miss not being with her 24/7 but it’ll make the time I am with her just that much more special!
Any other college student-mommas out there have any tips on balancing it all?
Hope everyone had an awesome weekend! Here’s to another awesome week! 

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