Update and photo dump

Okay, can we say busy? I decided to sit down for a minute, after a morning of class, homework and preparing the enchiladas that will be for dinner tonight; to catch up on blog land, update my little piece of blog land and watch some criminal minds.. and breathe!
In between all the craziness that’s been going on we’ve really been enjoying the beautiful California spring winter weather. Seriously I can’t believe it’s January, definitely doesn’t feel like it ’round here. Part of me is kind of jealous to see all the snow fun I see other people are having. But might as well enjoy the sun since we have it, right? 😉 We had our first rain of 2014 today. By rain, I mean slight rain and some clouds, then right back to sunny clear skies. I love love the rain, something about it is so refreshing and relaxing, but Avery cries at the back door to go outside about 5 times a day, and the rain would put a serious damper on her outside parade.. but on the bright side we have some really cute rain boots I’ve been dying to dying to put on her!
School is in full force for me right now. So that alone keeps me pretty darn busy. And with Garrett gone for the week for work the only time I have to really work on anything school related is at nap times and at night after work. But, keeping my eye on the prize and really reminding myself why I’m doing this in the first place! Totally worth it. And I’m way excited to be done, one day.

Okay, photo dump time- all photos of the little one, of course!

This would be her pouty face, begging me to push her in her babys stroller, while wearing my scarf and headband. Oh and holding a lemon of course?

We went to the park and she swung on the big kid swing for the first time ever, like a champ! AND as soon as we got to the park, she went straight to the big kid jungle gym, all the way to the top, ran to the big kid slide and went down it, by herself (with Garrett at the bottom to catch her). Then repeated, about 20 times. I couldn’t believe it, what happened to the day I had to carry her up the jungle gym?! 

we put Barney on usually after her nap, basically every day. She starts off sitting-or laying, and gets so excited, then can’t control it anymore then she just has to get up and dance! She loves her some barney.
Hope every one is enjoying their week! And making due with whatever weather mother nature is handing you.

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