Well Monday, we meet again

Happy Monday! This morning I woke up to a smiling baby with alfalfa hair, the sure fire sign of a good weekend 😉
Saturday I was off work. It was glorious. Garrett and I had been trying to plan a day away with just the two of us since it’s rare I have a weekend day off plus it’s been a long while since we’ve had time away with each other. But the rain sort of rained on that parade so we decided to keep it more low key- for now. So we spent most the Saturday at his moms house while Avery played with her cousins, then Garrett an I left for a night of bowling and dinner. And we had such an awesome time. Literally the last date night we had was December of 2012. I know date nights become scarce once a baby comes along but we’re hoping to do better at making time for each other. Having the few hours alone gave us some time to talk, have fun and sort of reconnect our relationship.

our rad neon-velcro-bowling shoes

Sunday Garrett had to leave to go out of town for work for the week. Avery and I went with my parents and sister to the Childrens museum and had a blast. She was loving running around and being able to touch everything with out anyone telling her no- seriously a toddlers dream come true. Her favorite parts were definitely the little grocery store, she played with the fake produce forever, getting to “drive” all the different cars, trucks, tractors and at the end the stage full of books. She was in book heaven! Then a nice mexican food lunch where Avery chowed on little bean burritos.

it was oral hygiene day at the museum so we got to color teeth and learn about oral hygiene- and of course got a free tooth brush and tooth paste 😉 which is hilarious because while getting ready to go to the museum Avery threw a huge fit because after 5 minutes of her brushing her teeth I took the tooth brush away.. does anyone else’s kid love brushing their teeth as much as mine? 

Now it’s Monday and only a few days away from Valentines day! I hope everyones week is full of heart shaped goodies, pink & red and lots of love 😉


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