Weekend update

Hello, hello. Here we are, another Monday.
Hope everyones ready for another week ahead!

Friday was Valentines day, incase you didn’t know 😉 and I was lucky enough to spend most of the day with my little love before I had to work that night. And since we’re making some changes at work- I actually had to work pretty late so that was a bummer but hey, could have been worse.

Saturday we started off the day by going shopping with my mom and sister for an upcoming school dance my sister is going to… aww 😉 I spent most of the time trying to keep my wild child off the dressing room floors peeking under the dressing room door to see her auntie. Yeah, she does that. Then after tons of stops and a few hours later (shopping is never quick and easy when my sister is involved) we had lunch with a very tired/cranky toddler. Always fun times! Then of course some rest before I went to work.

Garrett was out of town last week for work, and came back Saturday evening to spend Sunday at home before heading back out of town Monday (today).  I’m sure he wasn’t thrilled to drive home 7 hours just  for a day then turn right back around for another 7 hour drive back, but we were glad to see him for that little while!

Sunday was a beautiful day spent mostly outside. We went to lunch and then to the park then back at home to play in the front yard for a little while longer.. before I had to head to work.

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend, and hopefully for those lucky ones you get to enjoy a three day weekend, happy presidents day 😉

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