16 months

I can not believe my sweet little babe is 16 months already.
She’s growing and learning so much day by day and I feel so lucky to get to watch it all happen.

words: as well as all the words she could say when I did her 15 month update she started saying “tanks” thanks recently “ah-nana” for banana “yea” and as always she’s trying to say so many more and is constantly babbling away
foods: as always.. she’ll eat anything. Her favorite has been bananas, I think partially because she can actually say banana. M&ms are definitely her go-to favorite candy, mamas girl 😉 and really any other fruit/veggie or meal we put in front of her she will eat. I’ve recently started giving her the Happy tot brand squeeze-things and love them. Such an easy go-to food for a snack or while on the go or perfect side to a meal!
Annnd, here’s a list of our favorite items!
1. Caryola my first crayons- love! They really are fun and easy for her to use. And the best part, very easily washed off. You know, for when she “accidentally” misses the paper while mom isn’t looking.
2. Melissa and Doug number puzzle. The puzzles are kinda new right now but she loves them anyways and focuses so hard to put the pieces where they go.
3. The mega blocks have been a favorite for a while now. But she’s really starting to get the stacking and building idea down and loves them even more. We leave her blocks in the nifty little bag that they came in to keep them all together and she’s always dragging the bag out asking for us to open it for her.
4. Her farm animals touch and feel book is a favorite right now- she loves all the books she can feel, and actually makes sure we stop at each page and touch whatever it is that’s there, also lots of fun to make animal noises.
5. We love love the circo sippy cups from Target. She loves straw cups- and we have way to many sippy cups. Some are better then others and some I won’t even let her use. But I really do love these ones from. The fox one is her newest and fave 😉 
6. Sensory balls. We got ours from Babies-r-us I think. But they are every where and lots of fun. They’re different colors, textures and feels. So they’re definitely lots of fun! 
I say this every month, but she’s at such a fun age right now. Some days I just want to fast forward to bed time but most I wish I could just stop time and bottle up all her love and fun! 
Happy Tuesday everyone! 

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