Sunday Funday- Target Haul

Happy Sunday!
Sundays are one of my favorite days and of course the best “Sunday Funday” is one that consists of Target trips, and playing outside with my mini.
We started off our Sunday with some breakfast, and then a long trip to Target. Where Avery had her very first drink from Starbucks, don’t worry- was just chocolate milk. But she loved it! We got away with some great stuff for Avery and even bought a couple boxes of Girl Scout cookies from the sweetest little girls on our way out.. support the cause, right? 😉

So here is our mini Target haul for today.

Okay the dollar spot, has been on point lately. I’m not the only one noticing this right? I end up buying something every single time. But today we got a super cute chalk set that came with a piece of chalk in a little plastic holder, for those messy toddlers, and an extra piece of chalk. Win. 
I’m a serious sippy cup hoarder. Like no joke. It’s a problem. But I couldn’t resist- Target has new zippy cups with matching plates, bowls, snack cups and all sorts of fun stuff. We picked up this cute whale sippy cup and I’m sure we’ll be eventually getting the rest of the collection. 
I’ve seriously been stalking waiting for this dress to come on clearance since it first came out- and finally! Best part about Target is they’re always getting new stuff, so everything eventually goes on sale. So most of the time if theres something I want, especially clothes related, I wait for it to come on sale.
A simple little white cardigan which I’ve been meaning to get for her. Just because it goes with everything and totally versatile. She’s had one for every single size. Can never go wrong with a mini white cardigan! 
Then these little necklaces. I’ve really been wanting to get Avery play girly stuff since she loves watching me get all dressed up. But I’ve been like super nervous about the jewelry. But they’re rubber so I don’t have to worry about beads breaking off. And they’re long enough to be fun but not long enough to wrap around- and they come un done easy enough. And so far she’s loving them! 
enjoying her Starbucks 😉 

Have I mentioned lately that this kid loves to scream. Happy, mad, excited doesn’t matter.

I’d love to hear anyone else’s recent favorite Target finds, please share! 🙂
Hope everyones weekend is going smoothly.

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