Favorite blanket

A recent happening lately, is Averys obsession with one of her blankets. It’s a blanket we got at our baby shower- and I guess I can say it was one of my favorites. So out of the thousands of baby blankets we had, this particular one was constant. So of course it became her “blankie”.
It goes every where with her. Every morning when she wakes up, she brings it out of her crib with her and bed time or naps she has to take it with her. She drags it around all day and freaks if anyone else touches it. Not even going to talk about what happens when one of our dogs lays on it. Yeah, she’s pretty attached. When I tell her we’re going bye-bye somewhere she runs around looking for it to make sure it goes bye-bye with us. Usually she’s okay with it staying in the car when we go to a store so that’s a plus.
And as you can imagine, it gets pretty dirty. And washing it is pretty difficult. She won’t go to sleep without it and it’s always at least in her line of sight all.. day.. long.. So most of the time I just have to suck it up and throw it in the washer and listen to her cry with anger at the laundry room door for about 30 minutes. But at least it usually follows with tons of excitement when it’s time to pull it out of the dryer.
Even though it’s a pain in my butt sometimes to wait for her to run and grab her blankie as we’re running out the door, or constantly trying to explain to a toddler why her blanket can not run through the dirt with her or into the bath.. it’s so funny and cute to see her really attached to her blanket. Since she’s really had it since day one. We have watched her grow and change right before her very eyes and I think it’s fun that she has her one blankie thats came along the way with her.

Now be prepared for a picture timeline- featuring blankie it self 😉

A mommy, Avery, Blankie selfie

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