It’s the Little Things

It truly is all about the little things in life. And when I sit to write this post so much comes to mind.

Like when we get to FaceTime Garrett- Avery gets so happy and excited. He’s been out of town for work. He’s only been home one day in the last three weeks and it’s been rough. But she loves getting to see him, even through a phone. And she pretends to talk to him on her play phone all the time 😉
Really not a good screen shot, since he was outside in the dark the whole time hah.
Or when Avery blows me kisses through the screen door every single day when I go to work. She stands at the door blowing kisses until I get to my car. Every day. And it’s one of my favorite routines. Leaving her for work is tough but it’s fun that every day I can say “come tell mommy bye bye” and she will follow me to the door with lots of love and shut the door once I’m far enough.
I’m so happy to get a chance to be a part of this linkup. It’s so fun and I love going and reading other stories and finding lots of awesome blogs along the way! Anyone else who wants to join should head over to Words About Waverly or Sadie Sky Boutique to link up your little things post.

Happy Wednesday! 

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