Five on Friday

Doing my first ever Five on Friday.. yippee.

Better late then never, right? 


Rainy days.
My favorite! There’s something about opening the door or windows and letting in the fresh cool air and listening to the soothing rain. 

Rainbows, of course! To be more specific- double rainbows. I was inside at work when I took this picture and really wish I went outside for a better one. The rainbow was beautiful! 
Tulips- my favorite flower. They’re so beautiful and spring like, and I’m so ready for spring! I really don’t have a green thumb at all. I’d love to have beautiful lively flowers all over the place but truthfully I just end up killing the poor things. Doesn’t stop me from buying them though 😉
My Great Grandma. Seriously she’s the strongest most beautiful woman I know. She’s into her 90’s and that woman still dance, teaches dance and can kick her leg way higher than I could ever try to. She just had her second stroke in the last 4 years the other day- but not even 48 hours later she’s doing more then the Dr’s said she’d ever be able to do again. I’m so proud of her and hope to only be half as strong as she is! And feel so lucky that Avery gets to know her great great Grandma.
Theese two goof balls. Garrett finally got back from being out of town for work the other day and Avery and I were so happy. Avery won’t even let him out of her sight now and I feel much better having him back here with us. 
Oh & yay for crappy quality front camera photos.. not! 
Happy Friday everyone! Enjoy the weekend

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