I don’t get weekends off from work, so really “Friday” doesn’t mean too much to me these days except having Garrett home all weekend and that’s when we to do fun things 😉
Anyways I’ve been sort of absent from life lately. Garrett bought me the first Divergent book last week and I totally have that book to blame thank for my absence. Like, it took me six days to read all three. It’s that good. 
I used to love reading- for fun. Once I got into college I sorta lost time for that extra reading, and once Avery came along well I pretty much kissed it goodbye. But I’ve been saying for months I really wanted a book to read, but I’m pretty picky so I hadn’t picked one out. I had heard good things about Divergent and I love to read books that turn into movies and then get to watch the movie version too.
So Garrett came home last Friday with the first book (and a bag of M&M’s) for me. And by Sunday we were taking a trip to the book store to by the next two. 
I caught myself reading at the strangest times, and staying up really late just to read. A few times Avery would come next to me on the couch and “read” one of her own books
So this weekend I plan on catching up on all the homework and cleaning I’ve neglected the last week. 
Meanwhile I re-discovered my love for a new book, so if anyone has any suggestions I’d love to hear them!
Happy Friday!

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