Lets talk Spring

Since California decided to skip over winter, I’m definitely looking forward to spring.

I say this for every new season.. but I love spring 😉 and Easter really is my favorite holiday so that just makes it even better. And here is just some of my spring favorites right now

1. Jean jacket from Target. I love the idea of pairing this with cute colorful spring outfits.
2. Piggy Paint- love. It’s natural non toxic nail polish for those little toddler nails. 
4. Easter stacking snack cups. I’m a sucker for snack cups. These are cute and fun and festive.. too good to pass up.
5. Old Navy jelly shoes.. Yes. Every little girl needs jelly shoes. 
6. Floral dress from Target. Would be perfect for an easter dress.

1. Boyfriend jeans. I love the relaxed look and fit of these. 
2. My toms are one of my favorite shoes. You can wear them for basically anything and they’re so comfy. I am loving these gray zigzag ones.
3. This bag from Target would be perfect to go anywhere. Perfect size to stuff in everything that goes along with leaving with a toddler. 
4.  I love this vase collection from Target. 
5. These sunglasses from Target are great and I love the gold detailing on the side. 
6. Starbucks refresher is my favorite cold drink from Starbucks and I’m excited to make it myself at home.
Along with that list of must haves I’ve really been on the hunt for a good/reasonably priced picnic basket. Also- anything else that is good for outside fun! Also right now shades of blue and green are my favorite, specifically mint and teal. I’m definitely gravitating towards anything that fit that color spectrum. 
Happy Sunday everyone, and happy almost spring!

2 thoughts on “Lets talk Spring

  1. i love it. I also have all sorts of ideas and day dreams about sitting around a warm fire with blankets, drinking hot coco.. since i hear thats what people are supposed to do during winter. but yes agreed! The people stuck in the snow are probably wishing to be in California or Australia 😉
    thanks for stopping by xoxo


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