It’s the Little Things

Playing in the hose and drinking hose water is just one of those things I feel like every kid needs to do at some point in their lives. Skip the sprinklers, pools, slip n slides or whatever else and just the hose! So the other day after Avery was helping my dad wash his car- we gave her the hose and she had a blast! She loves the water and this was just perfect for her. By the time it was all done the sun had started to go down and she was shivering so it was time to come in for a warm bath- and of course she hated the coming in part. As my dad always says “Avery never wants to do anything for a little bit, everything she does she wants to do it forever, for the rest of her life”. Which is totally true.
I love watching her do and enjoy new things! Even if its melt down central when we’re all done 😉
Making fun memories for her is my favorite part about being a parent. I want her to look back on her child hood and remember all the fun she had- especially the “little things”, like getting to play in the hose late Sunday evening.

Oh and I love her little pink toes 😉 and that she refuses to take off that necklace, ever. 
Thank you Ashley at Words About Waverly and Jess at Sadie Sky Boutique for this link-up. 
Happy Wednesday! 

3 thoughts on “It’s the Little Things

  1. It has sorta been a process. at first i did it when she was napping, and then while she was sitting in her highchair eating. But now i can put on barney for her (the ONLY tv show she'll sit still for) and tell her we are going to paint them & she sits while i do it. Plus we use “piggy paint” and it dries SUPER fast so that definitely helps 😉 and she really loves having them painted and loves showing them off afterwards on


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