Days off with my little

Who doesn’t like having a good ol day off? Because I know I do. When my day off comes I definitely look forward to it. Tuesday I was off work and had no class. So I decided to celebrate by only doing fun things 😉
Which consisted of a trip to Target- of course, the park to feed ducks & go down the slide a million times and then playing outside some more at home. The park we’ve been going to- happens to be the park I grew up down the street from so I have lots of memories of going there when I was younger and so it’s tons of fun to remake some of those memories with Avery. Like feeding the ducks. She loves to feed the ducks. Every time she threw a piece of bread into the water she would yell “duuu!” (for duck). She was even brave enough to let one of the ducks eat the bread out of her hand.. yikes!
This girl loves playing outside. As I mentioned yesterday it usually turns into meltdown central every time its time to come in. And it’s not because she lacks outside time- because trust me, she isn’t lacking any outside time. I’m pretty sure she would be okay with living out there.

speaking of meltdown central- when it was time to put the bubbles up and go inside and eat dinner. We had a major one. Full on crying while running away from the house. The joys of a toddler 😉 

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Happy Thursday and first day of Spring!

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