Okay Monday, lets do this!

Woke up this morning with some serious Monday blues. Avery woke up at 4:30 this morning crying for her dada, who unfortunately already left for work. Also she woke up with a little cough and stuffy nose. Thats fun.
But onto the weekend catchup.
Friday Garrett took us out to get Mongolian BBQ for dinner. Which is literally my favorite. But I only get it a few times a year since he isn’t a big fan.
Saturday we woke up early to go grocery shopping, then went through Avery’s clothes and pulled out everything that no longer fits (seems like I’m doing this monthly.) Seriously who gave this kid permission to grow like this? Then spent the remainder of the day outside playing with chalk & in the water

Sunday morning was another early start, ran a few errands and had a Starbucks breakfast before going to the farmers market & got a pedicure with my mom and aunt. Then when I got home Avery was gone for a few hours shopping with Nana (Garretts mom). So of course we took the opportunity to go to lunch and do some shopping. Toddler free. It was glorious. We got to eat all our food, ourselves. And actually take our time and enjoy each others company. And in true parents fashion the only things we bought while out was clothes for the babe! Why is she so much fun to spoil? Then the best part- we got about an hour nap in before Avery got home. A nap! Almost forgot those existed for moms and dads 😉 And the rest of the Sunday evening was spent playing and relaxing.

 Now we are getting through this Monday by playing dress up & with Avery’s five different baby dolls. Also- on demand has Frozen for free now. So yeah, lots of that happening!
Heres to another great week!

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