Revenge of the molars

Teething sucks.
Like okay, we all get that, right?
After a couple days of runny nose, fever, drooling and little mouth rashes.. and some googling I determined Avery was probably starting to cut in her molars. What? More teething? I can’t.
I told Garrett to see if he could feel them cutting in, his response: “yeah, stick my hand down a sharks mouth to see if I can feel it’s teeth. You first.” So that was a no. But after some wrangling down and a flashlight we saw those new pearly whites coming on through.
So it’s been rough. A teething baby is hard. A teething toddler.. don’t get me started.
If anyone needs us, we will be watching cartoons, and cuddling and eating lots of ice cream & popsicles.
Happy Tuesday y’all!

glass door kisses


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