It’s the little things- Car-eoke

Avery really doesn’t like being in the car. She never has. I’ve always been slightly jealous of those mamas whose babes just sleep in the car- because mine just cries 😉
So every car ride, no matter how long or short we are desperately making attempts to keep her busy/entertained. Toys and snacks never work because clearly those just end up thrown down. And then came what we like to call: car-aoke.. you know, like karaoke but in the car!
I’ll let that sink in a minute..
YES. It’s a real thing people.
Pandora basically on a either a disney, Katy Perry or Beyonce station (Avery loves her some Yonce, hah!). Then me singing like a crazy person and usually doing some sort of sitting dance. Viola. Happy singing & dancing toddler.
But my favorite car-aoke to date was last night. We were getting into the car for our 30 minute drive home from dinner with Garretts parents, and right on cue.. toddler tears. So without missing a beat Garrett goes to Youtube and starts playing “Love is an open door” from Frozen- where he and I did an, umm, awesome duet performance. The rest of the car ride consisted of the three of us singing to the whole Frozen soundtrack. I’m kicking myself now for not getting some sort of video of this. But those thirty minute car trips singing our lungs out and occasionally encouraging the solo performances with a “nailed it” are my favorite car rides ever!


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