"stop rubbing your banana on your foot!"

Does anyone else ever realize as parents we sometimes have to say really weird things to our kid(s)? I certainly hope I’m not the only one. This morning after repeating myself five times, I realized telling Avery not to rub her banana on her foot while she is eating it isn’t exactly a normal sentence you hear on a day to day basis.
Today is sort of a weird day. My mom was getting her carpets cleaned in the house this morning. Which means Avery and I, along with everything that belongs in the living room are stuck in the kitchen for a couple hours. Yep. Gonna be a fun morning, folks.
So for a weird day, I guess it’s okay to say weird things like “stop rubbing your banana on your foot!”
Hope everyone else is enjoying their Thursday 🙂
Anyone else have anything strange they catch themselves saying to their child?

Yep.. it was really happening

decided we would try apples instead


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