Out and about with a toddler

This summer we have had a lot of days where we have been out any where from a few hours, to an entire day with Avery. And I think being out and about with a toddler is harder then it was when she was an infant.. toddlers require a lot more stuff if you ask me.
I always keep all of Averys stuff in a bag, and I tend to be an over packer, and to avoid having too much in the one bag that we carry around with us- I usually have an extra bag in the car full of extra wipes, diapers, clothes etc. Whatever I feel necessary to have. That way it’s there but we aren’t lugging around everything.
Here is a list of things that have really been my go to items I take with us, other then the obvious diapers, extra clothes & what not!

[ONE] Plum organic pouches. Really having any fruit/veggie pouch is seriously a must. And Plum Organic just happens to be one of our favorites- and Target often has some sort of deal and/or sale so that’s always a plus!
[TWO] I love my Huggies clutch and clean. After first I thought it was just a fashionable to-go wipe container. But you can fit so many wipes in that little thing, and it’s easy to attach and hold onto anything. Because obviously when you’re out and about with a toddler- there’s usually a lot of wipes involved. 
[THREE] Cheap eating utensils. Basically any store has cheap plastic utensils that I always have. They’re easy to take anywhere and cheap enough where I don’t worry about leaving them behind or needing to throw them away after Avery throws them on the dirty ground. Which almost always happens. 
[FOUR] This Contigo water bottle has been my favorite find this summer. It seriously never leaks so I don’t have to worry about it leaking in a bag, or spilling when it gets toddler chucked to the ground. And it has a super easy open/close spout and is amazingly durable and easy to clean. Yes, my favorite.
[FIVE] Mini backpack. Of course a bag to put it all in. Avery has a backpack similar to this from Carters and we love it. Easy and small enough for her to hold when she wants to, or to be thrown into the stroller. And it’s perfect to keep all of her stuff in. And of course since it’s a toddler bag- it’s easy to keep clean 😉
[SIX] These reusable zipper bags. We have the ones from target but I love them. We can pack any snack/lunch in them and take them wherever and they are insulated enough to keep cold stuff cool, and to give Avery to eat right out of. Then easily cleaned up for the next use! 
So yes. That’s our basic list of things we have used this summer and it has seemed to work for us so far. Anyone else have any to-go toddler essentials that they don’t go anywhere without? Always up for new ideas! 

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