Why I blog

I’ve really been wanting to talk about why I blog. For my own sake really. To get all the reasons flowing through my head on one spot where I can see them. 

For as long as I can remember my dad has been a blogger. As a young teenager he helped me get my own blog together. It didn’t last long- like a lot of things I started as a teenager. But for as long as I can remember I’ve enjoyed writing, and creating. Just never saw “blog land” as a place to do so. 
But I was wrong. 
I just never found my place in it all. 
When I was pregnant with Avery, I some how came across so many mama bloggers. Who really helped me during the beginning of my pregnancy in ways I could never explain. I saw so many other people and their stories and I was so inspired. 
After Avery was born I realized how fast it all goes by. How fast she was growing and changing, how fast life happens and thoughts come and go and I just did not want to lose sight of any of it. So came my blog. I write for me. To document our life. To express what’s going on. And maybe, someday, someone else will stumble upon my blog and somehow connect to it in ways I’ve connected to so many others. 
SO, happy blogging, and happy Friday!

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