Monday Funday

Generally I work through the weekends, so that’s a bummer. But this Saturday I was lucky enough to be off and have the day with Avery. Which is good because with Garrett out of town for work has had this girl in major attachment mode. This girl is daddy obsessed. So i know she is missing him.

Well anyways, Saturday. We spent a couple hours in the morning at the park. My parents help out with a Beep Baseball team in our city. Which if you’ve never heard of it, it’s a baseball team for blind/visually impaired. It’s seriously lots of fun to help out with and watch. Unfortunately during their practices they need it semi quiet, since they use their hearing to play the game. So I spent most of the time watching from the distance with my not-so-quiet toddler 😉 Then home for lunch and to rest up a bit! Saturday evening I went with my mom and sister over to my aunts house for some chinese food and swimming. It was lots of fun and Avery was able to float solo for the most part, which was awesome!

BIG girl swing! More on that later 😉 

Sunday Avery spent the day with her grandparents since I was at work all day, and who knows what happened for those 8 hours 😉 She was in serious need of a bath, so that’s always a sign of a good day!

Sunday night bath time

Now here is to a happy Monday and the start of another great week! 

Avery is wearing her “never stop dancing” shirt today, which is basically our moto for Mondays! 


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