I’m a vegetarian- but my daughter isn’t

When someone finds out I’m a vegetarian, the first things that follow are usually things like
because you love animals?
are you trying to lose weight?
what do you eat?
what are you trying to do by not eating meat?
and my personal fav.. “aren’t you hungry?
But after said person finds out my reasoning I’m usually then asked..
are you making your daughter a vegetarian?
Which I always promptly answer with a polite- No, I am not making Avery be a vegetarian.

I’m a vegetarian because I chose not to eat animals. I don’t think everyone should be vegetarians. I realize that, more then likely, will never happen. I’m not sure what losing the meat industry would do to our economy but I just don’t foresee it ever happening. My “goal” with being a vegetarian is to do what I can to save the animals I can save. And I’d love to see, someday, the conditions of the meat industry change- for the better.

But, with that being said. I made a personal choice to do that. It was never a question whether or not I wanted Avery to be a vegetarian. I don’t have a preference one way or another. I want her to make that decision, on her own, when she is ready. Now I can do things like make sure I buy meats from places I trust, or substitute beef burgers for turkey burgers but thats just mom making healthy choices for her babe 😉 I don’t want to make personal choices like that for Avery. Not that there is anything wrong with parents who do, I just chose not to.

It has never been a matter of me wanting her to get protein or other nutrients from meat. It’s all about her choice, and not wanting her to have to worry about the social stigma that may follow. Like the thousands of questions you receive as soon as the word vegetarian pours from your mouth. I didn’t want her to have to answer those questions without really having her own reasons why. I want her to be ready to have a little difficulty ordering at restaurants- worrying about every ingredient in everything she eats.

Obviously she is yet to notice that my meals look a little differently then hers. I can’t say I’m 100% sure how I’m going to address it when it does happen, but I know it will eventually come and Garrett & I will be ready 🙂

I’d love to hear from anyone else who is a vegetarian and their kid(s) is or isn’t!


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