Hello, bangs!

This weekend.. I finally sucked it up..
Another one of those firsts.
I took Avery for her first hair cut.


Her “bangs” have been driving me crazy people. Her hair was always in her face and I didn’t want to always worry about fighting her to get it out of her face without her pulling out whatever clip or hair tie I put in. I acted like it wasn’t bugging me, because I didn’t want to cut it.
But Saturday I did it. Pretty spur of the moment, but it happened.
And now I can’t get over the fact that she looks like such a little child, which she is, but.. ya know.
Sweet pea is loving that everyone keeps telling her how beautiful her hair is. She doesn’t know what they are talking about, but it’s attention so it’s okay in her book. Plus she got a sucker out of the deal and I got a little certificate that will forever hold that little lock of hair.

I don’t understand what’s going on with her pant legs here. LOL 


2 thoughts on “Hello, bangs!

  1. I was SO nervous about Avery moving around or the bangs not “looking right”. But the stylist was super awesome and friendly and did amazing considering Avery is a wiggly girl. It's a big scary step though, that's for sure!


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