Friday Faves

I gathered up some things I’m currently loving for another Friday favorites.
Most of which are Fall related.
But not all… yet!

ONE. Starbucks pastries, le duh. I kind of got in the habit of buying a bagel & chocolate croissant- the bagel for breakfast and croissant for later. Also, I’m really excited for the new fall pastries coming!

TWO. Cute notebooks. I’ve always been a sucker for notebooks. I just picked up these three a couple weeks ago, and added them to my shelf of other un-used notebooks. Just not sure what I need them for yet.

THREE. I’m really looking forward to lots of plaid this fall! And fall is always great for layering pieces and I love this look of a sweater over a plaid shirt!

FOUR. Cinnamon rolls- yum!
That’s all I need to say there, yes?

FIVE. Sunflowers are second on my favorite flowers list. I think sunflowers are the perfect flowers to transition from summer into fall.

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