DIY Starbucks passion fruit iced tea

I’m not a huge coffee drinker. Gasp. I know.
I really like Starbucks teas though.
I’ve never been a huge tea drinker, with Starbucks tea as an exception.

SO my mind was sorta blown when a co-worker told me she makes her own Starbucks passion fruit iced tea. Then my mind was blown again when I found out apparently a lot of people do this. But for anyone who is curious or clueless like I am- I’m going to share how it works. Since it’s cheap and easy and a better alternative to rushing to Starbucks all the time.

I went to Target, and they were completely sold out of the tea I wanted (hence-everyone else wants to do this as well). So I did end up running into Walmart after Target just to go get the tea, but Target does sell it.
But here is all you need:
Tazo brand of iced passion- one box makes 6 pitchers of tea. So yeah, it lasts a while.
Sweetener. I use Stevia. It’s a zero calorie liquid sweetener. Basically awesome-ness.
Then I also got crystal light lemonaid  liquid drink mix just to add a little more flavor to it.

It’s delicious and I love it and you will too 😉
Happy Thursday!

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