Friday Faves

Happy Happy Friday!
Back again with things I’m loving this week.

First: This baby honest shampoo & body wash. I decided to try it after Megan from Willow way blog talked about it a couple weeks back in one of her “Loving Lately” videos. I’ve tried other Honest Co products from Target before and wanted to give this a try, and I love it for Avery’s hair!

Second: Iced teas. Yes I did talk about this in yesterdays post. But I want to get my point across- and this is another tea I’m really loving right now. I’m really into the fruity stuff but I’m sure I’ll be trying lots of Fall inspired flavors soon!
Third: Okay, these are delicious, people! I love baking- I really do. Just, sometimes I’m feeling lazy and these “ready to bake” labels are perfect for that. Plus when it’s on sale at Target for less than $2 how could you say no? You can’t. That’s how. 
Fourth: Birthdays. Duh. Who doesn’t love Birthdays? And this is Birthday season for us. Garretts birthday is next week. Then Avery’s in the beginning of October and mine following two weeks later. So we are sort of in full birthday planning mode over here.
I hope everyone has the best weekend ever & I hope other people are getting to enjoy some Fall weather. Because over here- we still got 90 degree/California drought going on! Blah! 

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