Your Monday- My Wednesday

I’m off work Thursdays & Fridays.
So everyone else’s Saturday is my Monday- woah.
I can not wait to be done with school and start a career where I will have weekends and holidays off. Sounds like a dream come true!
Well anyways.
This past “weekend” started Thursday- and it was Garrett and my grandmas birthday. We had dinner with my grandma on Thursday and went out to dinner Friday for Garretts birthday. I took in a cake to the restaurant a few hours before hand to surprise him with, and during dinner he text me from across the table that they (the restaurant) better not be singing to him.. psh like he knows me.
We did sing.
Incase you were wondering 😉
And he got his annual chocolate cupcakes & giants hat for his birthday- like he has gotten from me every year on his birthday. One year I’ll be more creative and one year he will ask for something else- maybe. But I’m glad to have had another birthday celebration for my favorite guy who turned the big two-four.. he’s getting old folks.
Saturday and Sunday I worked. So Avery had some daddy time until I get off work in the late evening. I don’t usually ask too many questions about what happens during those eight hours I’m gone. But when I get home it’s lots of tickles and giggles and cuddles!
And here we are on another Monday (my Wednesday, confusing right? hah) starting off another week!
Also- Avery will be two in TWO weeks.. How??

I made his cards, and got the idea from the one from me from the thousands of times I’ve seen cards with the same saying all over Pinterest.
Also, I FAIL at spelling birthday on his cupcakes.. I’m still kicking myself for that one! Like, what was I doing? 
Family selfie, because we kind of love selfies around here. If you couldn’t tell.

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