Mommy friends

I didn’t think at this point in my life, I would be struggling to find a place to fit in. But here I am.

Making mommy friends is hard.
When I had Avery is was so excited to make other mom friends.
I joined Facebook groups, newsletters, local toddler meet ups, the whole nine-yards people.
I thought I was just steps away from endless play dates and mommy talk.
Avery is two and it hasn’t happened. Not even close.

I’ve felt snubbed by other moms. I don’t feel like I fit in. 
I’m not at the same point of my life as these other women. 

I’m just turning 21, I’m still struggling through college, I’m not married, I’m not buying a home or spending weekends at home depot dreaming over home renovations.
I look at these moms and feel so behind. Because I’m comparing myself to other people who have two year olds just like me, but are at total different points of their lives.
But I am still a mom. I still deal with the same things other moms deal with, even if it’s in different ways. I may be younger and not on the same exact wave length as the other moms doesn’t make me any different as a mom.

I haven’t gave up though.
I want to connect with other moms for myself, and Avery..

So with that said.. want to come over for a play date?


2 thoughts on “Mommy friends

  1. I feel so bad that you are snubbed by others for not being the age the other moms are in the same place in your life. I work full time so my mom who watches my daughter takes my daughter to the activities and we are both so grateful that even though the moms are in their 30s they include my mom on activities and play dates even though she is old enough to be their mom. I hope your luck changes. One option is to google a MOPS group which stands for mothers of preschoolers. They have them in my area and they even have a separate group for younger moms. Maybe they have that in your area.


  2. It's not always all moms, but it happens and it can be pretty noticeable- definitely not fun! Thank you for your kind words & suggestions- I'm definitely going to look into it. That's awesome your mom is always included and is able to do those things with Elin!


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