I have a two year old- Part 1

And just like that, my baby girl is TWO!
I could go on forever about how amazing this little girl is to me. But basically I just can’t handle how fast she is growing. We celebrated her birthday all weekend and I have lots of stories and pictures to share, so I am going to break it down into two blog posts.
First part, I wanted to share our park drama.
We decided to have Avery’s party at a park this year, we wanted to keep it simple and a park seemed pretty simple.. I’m laughing at myself for that now.
Most of the smaller parks where we live are first come first serve as far as their picnic areas go. So I picked a park and planned on sending Garrett out early the morning of the party to reserve our spot. I even picked a plan B park, you know, just incase.
Long story short, our Plan A and Plan B park had people camping out 24 hours before the party. I didn’t find out until about 7pm the night before. So I scrambled around and found a Plan C park, that had no play ground. So without missing a beat I sent Garrett out at 10 o’clock at night with orders to protect our spot at all costs (hah!) and called around until I got ahold of someone that would rent me a bounce house on such short notice!
Garrett stayed at the park all night until 4am, where he dealt with teenage boys acting like jerks, and neighbors calling the police on the creepy guy in a hoodie sleeping in his car in front of the park (the hoodie wasn’t such good idea but the police officers were very understanding), then at 4am my mom and I went out and hung out in the car til about 5:30 when we decided to get out and start decorating.
It was a crazy night of scrambling together last minute plans and calling and texting 50 people to make sure we let everyone know about the location change, but it turned out amazing and Avery had the best time ever!
I’ll be back with some actual party details soon 😉
until then heres pictures of Avery eating the three different cakes she got during the weekend.. she totally wasn’t complaining.

party cake

birthday morning donut cake

birthday night cake


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