I have a two year old- Part 2

Avery’s party was loads of fun for her this year. I had been telling her for weeks it was almost her birthday and trying to get her super excited. We did a Doc Mcstuffins theme because that is her favorite right now, and with all the Doc decorations that have been laying around she’s been so desperate to get into them. I just kept telling her you have to wait for your birthday.
When she got to the park for the party everything was already set up and ready to go. Her face lit up so bright! She was pointing at everything saying “Doc, MINE” or “I twoooo”- cutest thing ever. It finally clicked it was all for her.
We kept it pretty simple on decorations, with of course a cute Doc themed cake/sweets table.
Avery had a blast running around with her cousins and her friends, jumping on the bounce house, sneaking candy from the table and of course soaking up all the attention she was getting from everyone šŸ˜‰ She is totally not a shy girl.

my mom made the cutest/yummiest Doc cake

Sunday was her actual birthday and I wanted her to still know it was a special day. So I got up early and went and got donuts, and we sang happy birthday and went off to the zoo. She got to wear a “birthday girl” badge, until it broke at some point but everyone who saw her told her happy birthday and she would respond with “i twoooo”. The elephants were probably her favorite, she was laughing so hard and being all silly when she saw them, oh also the ducks that were walking around were a pretty big hit.. it’s the little things, folks šŸ˜‰ but over all she loved all of it and promptly picked up a toy elephant at the gift shop followed by the sweetest little “pweeaasee”!

After the zoo we came home and played with all her new toys and of course had another birthday cake!Ā 
Happy birthday my sweet girl, mommy loves you beyond words!

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