Enjoying the Little Things

I haven’t blogged in a while, but what better way to make a post to link up with “It’s The Little Things”!

Lately I’ve been looking at Avery and noticing how much she is growing up, more than ever before. She is doing and saying so many new things on a daily basis. And her personality, oh her personality.. It’s growing every day.

But with all the new milestone it made me realize that with all the new milestones and accomplishments- all the previous ones that seemed like the biggest deal at the time are just, normal.

Rewind to my itty bitty new born Avery. When she first started making noises: babbling, cooing and the screaming. So many screams. It was cute. It was amazing. It was new. My baby was discovering her voice. I took way to many videos of her screams and her baby noises and sent them to everyone we know.

Every new word Avery rolls off her tongue, I am impressed by. Everyone we know still gets updates of new words/sayings. But I don’t look at it as my little baby discovering her voice anymore. She’s a toddler who is discovering language. That’s huge.

I want to always remember everything Avery does. I want to cherish every step along the way.. big or small. Before I know it, the amazing things she is doing now will be replaced by new amazing things.

For now I will continue to “ooh” & “ahh” at my growing little babe and send text updates to family and friends šŸ˜‰ Just like I was blown away when she handed me her doodle pad and said “wook mama, circle! I did it!” and there was the most perfectly lopsided and scribbly circle I had ever saw.

yep, those are her circles. I know, I know. Future Picasso šŸ˜‰


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