My Role as Avery Mae’s Mommy

That day I sat in the Dr office. I had all sorts of butterflies in my tummy. But I brushed it off with a “I really don’t care either way” and a shrug. Was I going to dress my little baby in pink, or blue? Please let it be pink.
The ultrasound-tech checked the measurements, checked the lungs, we listened to the heartbeat.
Then there it was..

It’s a girl!

A girl. She is a girl.

Literally, pictures of bows, tutus, glitter, every girly thing you can imagine- it went through my head.
I was beyond excited that I was having a little girls. A little mini-me.

Once the glittery ballerinas stopped dancing in my head, I started to really think about what it meant to be raising a girl. Being a girl is fun, but there’s a lot that comes along with it.

Growing up my parents never fed into any sexist BS when it came to my sister and I. My dad played dolls with me and we played cars. My dad kicked my butt in soccer and basketball constantly, and oh did I get scolded if I ever said to take it easy “because I’m a girl”. My mom talked to me about tools, and cars and how to do things that you don’t typically think about showing a girl. She never let me think of things as “for girls” or “for boys”.

Having my dad, a man, telling me and showing me things that uplift women; left a lasting impression.

I lectured Garrett about this. I wanted him to bestow the same views onto our baby girl. Our Avery Mae.

Then I thought about my role, as her mom.

I thought about my mom and the role she’s had in my life and what she has taught me.
Still to this day I wonder about my role in Avery’s life. Everything I want to teach her and inspire her to be.

When Avery was born, as I held my sweet little babe dressed in pink, I thought about how difficultly amazing being a girl is, and all the things I want to teach her.

I want to teach her to love herself for everything she is.
I want to teach her about mean girls. How to handle them and how to not be one.
I want to teach her how to handle heartbreak. Whether it’s from girlfriends or boys.
I want to teach her how to take care of herself, with exercise and healthy foods.
I want to teach her to enjoy junk food and sweets every now and then.
I want to teach her how to do her makeup and paint her nails.
I want to teach her she can do and be anything.
I want to teach her that it’s okay if she is bigger or stronger then boys and it’s okay if she’s not.
I want to teach her to protect herself. Protect her health, body, mind, heart and soul.

Having a little girl is the most amazing fun. It’s a job I take very seriously. I hope to lead her by example and be a woman she can be proud of and aspire to be like, the same way I see my mom.

one of my favorite maternity pictures, because, tutus! 

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