It’s The Little Things- Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is tomorrow.. what? This year has flown by. Just like every year I have so much to be thankful for.
My entire family, which consists of a lot of people, and some of Garrett’s family- will all be at my moms house this year. It’s always fun having everyone gathered in one place and I love when Avery gets to run around getting attention from all of the people who love her. Being the baby of the family really has it’s perks.

I hope everyone has an amazing Thanksgiving that consists of eating too much food, including pumpkin pie, because who doesn’t love pumpkin pie? (Seriously, who?) And you enjoy your time with all the people you love and are thankful for.

My sweet babe last Thanksgiving
This years Thanksgiving outfit- that’ll be ruined within 30 minutes 😉 

P.S. Jessica over at Little Baby Garvin is giving away a free download for this adorable print. This would be totally perfect framed for some extra holiday decoration. And you should totally check her etsy shop for lots more cute prints!

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