Black Friday

Happy Saturday people!
I plan on recapping our Thanksgiving at some point but for now I will talk about how we spent Black Friday, because that’s fun too.

This year was my first time going Black Friday shopping. I really do not like shopping, at all. This year though, I thought “what the heck!” might as well figure out what all the fuss is about. We went out at 5AM, did our shopping and went to Denny’s at 10 for some food.
This was seriously the best thing ever after being up all morning shopping..

Since so many stores were open Thanksgiving night we basically missed the crowds, so I was very happy about that. And all the stores replenished their shelves before the early Black Friday shoppers came in. Kohls had some really great deals going on and I was able to get a lot there. Target, I was disappointed by. There wasn’t much on sale that wasn’t regular sales they usually have, maybe I missed all the sale items, but either or I wasn’t impressed. We have a Cost Plus World Market here, I’m not to sure how popular this place is but I went in there Friday for the second time ever and I’m in love. Seriously, if you have this store near you, check it out. So much fun cute stuff!

After all the shopping I came home and took a glorious nap while Avery napped. Then spent the rest of the evening playing with Avery and helping her make blanket forts. And ended the night with some left over desserts, wine and a game of scrabble.

She’s obsessed with blanket forts, almost as much as I’m obsessed with her.. But seriously, who doesn’t love using mom & dads legs to hold up a fort?

I hope everyone is enjoying their extended weekend.

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