Baby Proofing the Halls- It’s The Little Things

Christmas is super exciting this year, because Avery is sort of at the age where she understands it a little more.

I was super excited to get decorations up because when we are out shopping and Avery sees Christmas decorations up she gets so excited. Particularly the Christmas trees “oohh mama TWEE, a twee!” & she loves seeing Santa decorations, oh, and she calls Santa “Sam“. No idea, don’t ask. 
Sunday we put up our Christmas twee. Complete with the new star that Avery picked out. 
She’s obsessed. She couldn’t stop putting decorations on the tree, and when we were all done she started taking them off just to put them back on. It was so fun pulling out ornaments that she made for the tree last year and I can’t wait to make more home-made ornaments this year and the years to come.

tree hugger
yes, she’s touching her elf.. I can’t bring myself to enforce the no touching rule.. sorry not sorry. 
In a perfect world I would have a big perfectly color coordinated tree, and then a second beautifully decorated tree with toddler decorations. Sigh. Perfect scenario people. 
But of course I love my silly toddler decorations!
I’ve had to come out with creative ways to keep her little fingers off of the decorations that are not so baby friendly. So, we will spend the rest of the week decking our halls, and then trying to find a way to baby proof- said halls.  
Hope everyone is soaking up the rest of the holiday season and the rest of 2014! 

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