A New Perspective On Motherhood

Coffee + Crumbs is an awesome blog, with awesome moms- telling awesome stories about motherhood. Awesome enough for you?

But I digress.

I recently read an article on Coffee + Crumbs that I am stuck on.
Full Circle” by N’tima Preusser. Basically she wrote of herself, a young mom, who longed to be a mother and although society sometimes would tell her (& other young women) she ” had not checked enough boxes to justify the desire” to be a mother.
She talks about how now that she has her daughter, it is enough.

I love her for this article, because I get it.

Being a young mom myself, and knowing the struggle, I love every opportunity I get to relate to and possibly help support other young mothers out there. On another note, I also made it a goal of my own to teach other girls to wait until it’s time and when they are ready. I want to teach other girls why it’s so important to be ready, and all the things they may not be able to do once they become mothers. While doing so, I don’t want to demean anyone who is truly longing for a child by creating some sort of imaginary checklist of what needs to happen before becoming a parent.

I’m constantly torn between supporting young mothers without condoning every teenage girl to run out and have babies because they catch a little bit of a baby fever.

Sometimes I struggle to find the balance between embracing and being proud of my path in life while making a point to other young girls why, more often then not, it’s beneficial to wait to have babies. 

Thank you N’tima for this beautiful perspective of young motherhood.
And with that I would like to end with my favorite paragraph from her article.

“My youth has not been robbed by motherhood. On the contrary, my innocence is burning like a wildfire through her. I get to grow up right alongside her. I do not know what would have been different had I waited a decade or so, but I would like to think the depth of the love that I feel for her would remain the same whether I was twenty-one or forty-one when we found each other” 


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